5 Lifestyle Choices That Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life

Health experts say, sex is a very good thing and to keep the desire and drive alive, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.

Today, the life of a typical person is occupied with unhealthy and disorderly habits especially those who work or live in the cities. The primary reason is because of having a hectic schedule or lack of time to prepare a healthy meal and just end up eating at the fast-food restaurants. Some are too tired to participate in physical activities, while others spend too much time on their electronic devices.

Furthermore, during stressful times, most people choose to drink alcohol with their friends rather than go to the gym or take a steamy hot bath. It is no longer a surprise why more and more people, particularly men, experience sexual issues like premature ejaculation, low libido, uncomfortable sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

If you want to maintain a healthy libido, you must abandon all the lifestyle choices that are sabotaging your sex life. What are they? Read on.


Working-out is not in your vocabulary.


When you exercise regularly, you just feel healthier and happier. Your physical health condition has a huge impact on how you perform sexually. When you feel energetic and confident with your body, you are more likely to enjoy sex with your partner.


Sleep deprivation due to late night habits.

Having poor sleep patterns will kill your sex drive and increase difficulties with sexual function. On the other hand, study after study reported that sexual arousal was enhanced in people who slept longer, most especially for women. Sleep deprivation may also increase overall stress level that can cause erection problems in men. So turn down your late night habits and aim for more hours of shut-eye for higher testosterone and libido levels.


You are addicted to fast-foods.

Hitting the drive-thru or visiting your favorite restaurant from time to time may be to blame for your dull sex life. Sure your taste buds love those greasy, tasty and fatty foods with every single bite but the consequences associated from eating these processed foods are inevitable. Avoid munching such unhealthy foods and switch to libido-booster and healthy alternatives instead.


You’re constantly feeling under pressure.


Stressful work, events or activities aren’t just affecting your appetite and sleep routine, they could be destroying your sex drive, too. A constant feeling of pressure can affect your sexual desire because your mind and body are caught up in whatever is weighing on you. Know the main cause of your stress, write them down and find stress-reduction methods that fit you.


You can’t resist sweets.


The compound found in dark chocolates can be an effective natural sex-enhancer, but too much sugar or sweets could disrupt hormone balance which leads to low libido. Even the foods you consume daily may have some added sugar. Therefore, it is very imperative to have proper awareness regarding the right amount of sugar you should consume daily. On one hand, WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends no more than 5 teaspoons of added sugar per day.

So, if you are currently experiencing problems in your sexuality, maybe it’s about time to change your old lifestyle habits.