Finding a Ladyboy in Jakarta

Anyone who is looking to meet ladyboys in an Asian city has heard of Jakarta as a destination at least once. There are many bars, pubs, lounges, and clubs throughout the city. If you live in Jakarta as an expat or want to come here on holiday, know there are lots of possibilities for meeting ladyboys.

The most popular way is via the website Indonesian Cupid, which is the biggest online dating site in the country. There are a lot of ladyboy profiles on here. These girls are looking to meet Western men because they are more open and accepting. Please note that Indonesia is not the most trans-friendly of countries. Read our tips related to this at the end of this article.

If you use Indonesian Cupid, you can arrange a date even before you arrive in the city. Indonesia is a Muslim country and women are not allowed to have sex before marriage. The ladyboys who use the site are often fluent in English, which is another reason to use Indonesian Cupid. Local men generally do not use this site.

As you get to know ladyboys in Jakarta, you’ll be amazed by the unique experiences you can share with them. They are very friendly and welcoming. Many Western men have made a habit of visiting the Indonesian city, either to meet ladyboys or keep up a long-term, serious relationship they have built with one of them.

In the local language, ladyboys are called Waria. This is a term you may need to be familiar with. Apart from Indonesian Cupid, there are other sites, through which you can meet Waria, like My Ladyboy Date, Jakarta Backpage, or international sites like Craigslist. Alternatively, you can visit places where ladyboys normally hang out. The gay bar Apollo features regular performances by drag queens, so you might meet ladyboys there. Your best bet really is the Internet because there aren’t any “Waria hot spots” in Jakarta, so to speak.

It’s essential to know Indonesia is a conservative country. If you’re dating a ladyboy in Jakarta, always meet in the privacy of a hotel room or a rented flat, or in public places in daylight. If you’re staying at a hotel in the city, ask about the policy on meeting members of the transsexual community on their premises.