Should You use Tinder to Get Girls in LA

According to Tinder themselves, LA is one of the “thirstiest” cities in the world. From the quaint hills of Los Feliz to the bleached blonde Venice Beach, there’s something for everyone in the City of Angels. If you plan on making Tinder part of your quest for dating girls in LA, ensure your match is near your location in the city. A first time date often isn’t worth the effort of crosstown traffic.  

Can Tinder help you meet someone? Both yes and no. It depends on who you ask. One guy asked out 100 girls on Tinder to check. He always used the same line, “Where are we going on our first date?” Here’s what happened.

He starts his story by saying that many of the girls didn’t respond at all. By the way, checking wasn’t all he wanted to do. Another reason he decided to do what he did was because he found out simply deleting the Tinder app didn’t delete his actual account. He decided to make the most of it.  

He went on to say that ten of the 100 were spam accounts. He received links to “sexy pics” at a shady site. However, even that wasn’t as disappointing as the ones who belonged to real, but boring women. One reply that stuck with him was “the Italian place” (she meant Pizza Hut). One girl said, “the moon,” another said “vegan food,” and for him, the moon was a better option. 

Another tenth told him to decide. He said even the Italian place was better than this bland response. Reportedly, he almost fell in love with someone who suggested “Yogurtland” and then added if he wanted a drinking date, they could bring a flask.

Replies along the lines of “a well lit public place” were common. After all, you can’t exactly blame people. One woman said Paris was an option, but she wasn’t married to the idea. One girl he asked for a picture sent him one of her cat. There were lots of mediocre suggestions, ex. “do you like Chinese.”

Finally, there were some really interesting suggestions (a strip club, going to Mexico to find the best street food, etc.)

This was an experiment; he wasn’t really trying to get a girl. It does give you some indication of what kind of people you’ll meet, though. Tinder is essentially a platform that matches people based on physical attraction. If that’s all right with you, go ahead and use it. If you want something deeper, you might try OKCupid. OKCupid asks you to answer some personal questions first. They say the purpose of this is to gauge compatibility. There are hundreds of thousands of Tinder users in LA. This may have two possible outcomes. The first: there’s too much competition. The second: there are many women available. We say give it a shot.