Understanding Hypersexual Disorder And Its Treatment

Hypersexual disorders are basically sex addiction problems and in such cases of addictions, it has always requires treatment. This is a kind of disorder where in the recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, sexual urges and sexual behaviour in association with excessive time consumed by sexual fantasies and keep it repetitively in actions that tend to harm self or others.

There are some factors that alleviate the risk of being a sex addict, such as depression, anxiety, boredom and irritability which is called the dysphoric mood state. However, treatment can be very effective but that first and most difficult step that involves admitting the behaviour is a serious problem, sometime had gotten out of control.


Treatment of Hypersexual Disorder


It has four primary aspects that literally focus on the treatment. It includes separating you from the addictive activity, reducing and managing sexual urges, identifying issues and addressing the painful emotions associated with sex addiction which include shame, guilt and feelings of unworthiness. This type of disorder is usually crucial to treat due to its reasons or factors that trigger disorder. On the other hand, some treatment is often beneficial for sex addiction because it helps a lot in minimizing the distractions, providing a very controlled and structured environment and most importantly giving the person a break from the stressors of day to day life.

There are different modalities of treatment for this kind of disorder. It involves some combination of psychotherapy, couples therapy, group therapy, family, medication and support groups or help-self group. It is based on the level of addiction a patient is undergoing through. Changing of negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs regarding sex is the main focus of this treatment, it is the focus of the so called psychotherapy.



In addition, small group of members (same sex addicts) have this kind of treatment that can help each other in coping up their issues and dilemmas when it comes to sex. They can gain and learn from each other’s experiences. Also, the addictive behaviour may have the effects or impact to your family and to significant other. Since family is considered as the primary support system, couples or family therapy helps to address the needs and issues or unresolved conflicts and more among them to be able to give understanding about your situation. Another modality of treatment is the so called medication which often plays a key role in hypersexual disorder treatment. This may target specific hormones that tend to be an active one which triggers addiction. Therefore, this can take orally and prescribed by the doctor.

In this aspect of disorder, it is difficult to find courage to seek help most especially if it is a one of a kind disorder to an individual. Shame on yourself and to your family is commonly associated with hypersexual disorder. Unluckily, some people who are sexually addicted don’t find time to seek for treatment until they hit the rock bottom or were convicted by any sex offenses.

We all deserve a happy life with our family or partner in life. Learn how to avoid the things that might trigger sex addiction. It involves behavioural practices that may lead to prohibited actions and may hurt other people if it is not treated.